Corporate Consulting

Has new technology or globalization changed the rules of the old game?

Will the organization need to try something unprecedented to gain or sustain relevance?

Does the solution depend on human support and acceptance?

Corporate Workshops

Actionable material developed from a body of world-class thought leaders. Approachable delivery in the form of clear and concise key takeaways. Interactive learning proven to solidify understanding for diverse application.


Academic Workshops

Inly cultivates and acculturates creativity. We teach attendees to channel their creativity productively to achieve innovation. We have worked with a collection of leading global universities and preperatory schools.



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- cultivate and nurture creativity -

- discover and define the underlying need -

- tether the creativity to the need -

- accelerate experimental iteration -

- transform ideas into solutions -

- implement and scale innovation -

Inly was founded out of Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Stanford to foster innovation

in incumbent cultures around the world